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Antony Jacobs, Founder

 A Little About Me:

My name is Antony Jacobs and I am the founder of Halo Organics. I wandered into the world of cannabis medicine not knowing where this magical plant would take me and the journey I was about to take…

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 41 (not what I had planned!) in 2010 and went through the traditional route of radiation treatments. After 2 recurrences and 4 1/2 years of radiation I was once again in remission for the third time but knew I wasn’t out of the woods. I had cancer that didn’t want to leave my body, I was full of fear. Luckily for me with the help of a dear friend I started my first cannabis oil protocol in 2015 and have been doing so every day since then. What I can tell you is this, after some patience and a whole lot of faith  I pushed beyond my own fears, and today I am CANCER FREE. My belief in this plant, my curiosity about the medicine continues to grow every day which allows us to fulfill our mission at Halo to help as many people as we can.

Our Guiding Principles

We offer strain-specific medicine for humans and also for pets. These oils that we produce are always of the highest quality using only organic materials during the extraction processes. We have a commitment to everyone who puts their trust in us and that commitment is to always be there to guide you through the medicine, the dosing, and to answer all your questions. Welcome to Halo Organics, where Faith over Fear is our guiding principle!

Our Testimonials

Antony Jacobs has been a significant contributor to my healing journey from Stage 4 lung cancer. He is responsive, compassionate and reliable while providing excellent products. He consistently checks in to learn the results of my scans and to make sure I will receive my products on time. Because he has been through his own healing process using these products, I trust Antony’s integrity. I have recommended him to family members and friends and will continue to do so.
Jane N.
Cancer Survivor
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, went through chemo then 2 years later I developed RA & Lupus went through years of inflammation & pain in my joints to the point some days I couldn’t walk or move my hands . I started 1-1 ratio sativa morning & night full indica based & it has changed my life!!! I can function with minimal pain. It saved my life.
Mary W.
Cancer Survivor
Hello Wellness Warriors! My name is Rose and I am a cancer survivor. My husband first met Antony three years ago while I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. That was when I discovered his amazing CBD oils and salves. His products ease my pain, calm my mind and help me to sleep better. Early in my cancer journey I was misinformed and bought lesser products. Not all CBDs are made the same, Lovelies! Halo Organics is the real deal. Plus, Antony will guide you to the right products and proper doses that will fit your needs. Whether a cancer survivor, or someone dealing with chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia, Halo Organics is a wonderful homeopathic alternative to or in addition to Western medicine. Thank you Antony for providing these amazing products for mind, body and soul!
Rose S.
Cancer Survivor
"Antony's tinctures quire literally changed my life! High quality and all natural. I had been on many many toxic medicines to treat my ulcerative colitis, with very little relief. After much coaxing by friends I tried this incredible healing plant and the very next day (not kidding) I felt better. By the time I got up to a therapeutic dose I was symptom free. My gastroenterologist was amazed. He waited a year and then took me off the prescription meds. That was 3 years ago and my whole world is different. I can go on planes and trains and to theaters without worrying. A very healing plant!!!" "Antony is professional and always answers my questions. I have sent a bunch of my friends to him and there have been zero complaints, just healthy people 🙂"
Sheri H. - Connecticut
Satisfied Client
I have known Antony for quite a few years. He introduced Cannabis medicine to me several years ago. I had cancer and Antony tailored my dose of the medicine to morning, afternoon and before bed. Each dose had a purpose and helped me tremendously. I was able to eat and more importantly I was able to have a restful sleep! You can trust Antony to treat you as an individual with specific needs.
Jan N. - Ohio
Cancer Survivor
Where do we start. Carlos had brain surgery on October 10, 2019 & they discovered he had a tumor behind his left ear which was glioblastoma. It was about the size of a quarter & they were able to remove all that they could see. This was not the diagnosis we were expecting. We were in shock for several days. After returning home from the hospital we had to get our bearings & process this information & see how we could fight this disease. Another friend of ours who’s husband had the same diagnosis talked to us about CBD. My daughter started doing her research & a doctor friend gave us Antony contact. He was so helpful & explained everything in great detail. We decided to order it & have never looked back. Carlos went thru 6 weeks of radiation & was on Chemo for 16 months. On the area where he was operated on, each of his MRI’s the first year of his treatment decreased every time. In November of 2020 it decreased as much as the size of a pea. That was dramatic. Carlos ended his Chemo in February 2021. The last 2 MRI’s have shown no change therefore they ended his Chemo treatments. They say that all that is left is scar tissue. The CBD/FECO combination will continue on maintenance. He will continue to have MRI’s the rest of his life because of the type of cancer he had. The CBD/FECO helped the chemo & radiation be more effective & helped control his side effects of nausea. I think during his whole time of Chemo he was nauseated maybe twice. Once he learned how to use CBD he didn’t experience it anymore. Anytime we had questions Antony was there to help us. Carlos is doing great. Living a normal life. Working & enjoying life everyday. Cannabis is a very effective treatment for him & lots of prayers! Antony is a Godsend, his wealth of information, experience & patience is amazing. Thank you Antony!
Cancer Survivor
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