Medical cannabis is an extract of the cannabis plant that supports functionality of the human body. It is best taken in an oil form (tincture, full extract or vape) orally that drives the medicine directly into the bloodstream for maximum efficacy and starts the process of moving the body back into homeostasis.

Halo focuses on 3 different strains of the plant; THC Sativa, THC Indica, and CBD. Why 3?

Sativa – This is an activating and uplifting form of the plant. This is a day time variety of the plant

Indica – Relaxing and sleepy form of the plant, used more at night to allow for a deeper rest

CBD – non psychoactive form of the plant (no possibility of a high). It is relaxing and calming, yet not sedative. This can be used day or night.

Tetrohydrocannabinol is the “long form” of but it’s much easier to say THC 🤣. THC is a compound within the cannabis plant that has tremendous healing properties that include being an incredibly powerful anti inflammatory and pain reliever. THC is a major component of any critical illness (big or small). This helps regulate our central nervous system and brings us into balance.

Cannabidiol or CBD is an amazing compound of the cannabis plant. This compound allows the body to calm and also protects our brains as a Neuro-protectant. The calming effects of CBD allow our bodies to start the process of repairing itself. I believe that everyone over the age of 30 should get CBD into their bodies because of the positivity it creates within us.

This is a common question asked by many. There is no physical addiction to Cannabis, oil or smoking. What that means is, if you stopped taking the medicine there wouldn’t be any withdrawals. This plant is safe and positive.

These compounds have very different roles in repairing the body. These compounds bind to different receptors within the body (CB1 and CB2) thus having different roles when dealing with an illness or condition that allows the whole body to start the healing process. CB1 receptors in the brain and CB2 receptors in the body (there are CB2 receptors in the brain but they’re not as dense) are where the magic happens and THC and CBD bind to different receptors. There is a reason for both.

When this product is taken as directed, there are no real side effects to this medicine. This is a natural plant medicine where the body responds positively. Cannabis is a pro generative medicine, meaning it’s there to positively boost the body, not create other issues (side effects). If the product is taken outside of dosing instructions you may feel it in your head and there may be some dry mouth for the first 30 days. But outside of those two reactions, there are no side effects.

At Halo there are more than one type of medicinal cannabis, these different oils are used for different conditions. Here are a few that I deal with daily…

Tinctures – insomnia, depression, anxiety, tremor conditions, seizures, fibromyalgia, Lymes, Crohn’s disease, arthritis and many more

FECO – cancer, epilepsy, severe versions of above conditions

Salve – chronic pain conditions, hip and knee pain, arthritic pains and many others

These are just a few of the conditions I deal with. 

Customized medicine is also available and can be created to suit a clients needs and active lifestyle.

There is no difference, cannabis is the actual name of the plant and marijuana is one of the common known names of the plant. Medical cannabis and medical marijuana are one in the same.

At Halo we are solely a medical provider of this product, so when speaking of the most effective way to take the product we are speaking solely from a medical perspective. The most effective way to take the product is orally under the tongue. This drives the medicine directly into the bloodstream and allows the body to receive 100% of the medicinal benefits. Smoking is the worst way as you release a lot of the cannabinoids into the air when exhaling and it is not 100% absorbed into the body.

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