Consulting Program

Halo Organics Consulting Program

At Halo Organics we offer a fully comprehensive dosing consulting program that allows you to achieve the full efficacy of this amazing plant. In too many cases I’ve seen people take too much, take too little and quit the protocol. It’s why I believe completely in the proper dosing of the medicine. I believe that dosing is as important as medicine.

I have chosen a dosing model that specifically focuses on you. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis oils so why would I have a generic dosing model? Dosing is based 100% on your body’s reaction. With this model we walk thru all the dosing together, always being able to adjust where needed based on your body’s response.

Dosing Program Example:

Week 1 – 2-4 drops of each bottle.

Week 2 – 5-8 drops of each bottle.

Week 3 – We achieve your “magic #” you need and begin that dosing on a daily basis.

Example of a Dosing Schedule:

Revive – 2x a day morning and afternoon.

Enlighten – 2x a day morning and afternoon.

Relieve – Taken 1 hr. before bed.


If you buy Halo medicine, it’s included in the pricing of the oils.

Otherwise – Each dosing session is $50 per session.

We Do This Together.

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