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Cannabis medicine is a journey and one we take very personally. We understand that there will be some fear when entering this world, which is why we take great pride in the level of service and support we offer each client. We don’t just sell medicine and wish you the best. Our goal at Halo Organics is to be with you all along the way…We live by a core belief to LET YOUR FAITH BE BIGGER THAN YOUR FEAR.

Our founder has a very personal connection to this medicine as it has helped him balance his life since his diagnosis. He had battled cancer for 4 1/2 years until he overcame his fear and put FAITH into cannabis to help him deal with his diagnosis. His lifelong mission today is to offer hope to others. Come join us and put your faith in the medicine and Halo Organics.

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Proper Dosing?

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Lately I have come across a lot of misinformation when it comes to your furry friends and THC. People love to tell me how THC is “toxic” for dogs and...

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What is the difference between CBD and THC?

We use 2 main compounds in the protocols and medicine that we produce. Those compounds are CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Both of these compounds are equally important when dealing...

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"Antony's tinctures quire literally changed my life! High quality and all natural. I had been on many many toxic medicines to treat my ulcerative colitis, with very little relief. After much coaxing by friends I tried this incredible healing plant and the very next day (not kidding) I felt better. By the time I got up to a therapeutic dose I was symptom free. My gastroenterologist was amazed. He waited a year and then took me off the prescription meds. That was 3 years ago and my whole world is different. I can go on planes and trains and to theaters without worrying. A very healing plant!!!" "Antony is professional and always answers my questions. I have sent a bunch of my friends to him and there have been zero complaints, just healthy people 🙂"
Hello Wellness Warriors! My name is Rose and I am a cancer survivor. My husband first met Antony three years ago while I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. That was when I discovered his amazing CBD oils and salves. His products ease my pain, calm my mind and help me to sleep better. Early in my cancer journey I was misinformed and bought lesser products. Not all CBDs are made the same, Lovelies! Halo Organics is the real deal. Plus, Antony will guide you to the right products and proper doses that will fit your needs. Whether a cancer survivor, or someone dealing with chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia, Halo Organics is a wonderful homeopathic alternative to or in addition to Western medicine. Thank you Antony for providing these amazing products for mind, body and soul!

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