Why Is Dosing So Important?

Why Is Dosing So Important?

In the cannabis world, we spend a lot of time speaking about the plant and the medicine it produces. I want to talk about something that is sometimes ignored and why you won’t find our products in dispensaries. Let’s talk about proper dosing and titration.
I believe that this is as important as the medicine itself since the goal is to always get the most efficacy out of the medicine you are purchasing. There are 3 important factors when dosing cannabis medicine:
1. Tolerance Testing / Initial Dosing
2. Proper Titration of the Medicine in Increments
3. Maintaining Consistent Application and Dosing of the Medicine
This is not a medicine where if you “take more you will get better faster” it is a matter of getting into the body, what the body needs. 

Proper Dosing Model

At Halo Organics, I truly believe that this part of the protocol is absolutely vital to your success and I’ve spent a lot of time honing in on the correct and most productive dosing model.
Here is an example of the dosing model:
Week 1 – We do the initial dosing to test your tolerance, small amounts of medicine that we increase over the first week (2-4 drops per dose)
Week 2 – We continue to increase based on how the client is feeling when taking the medicine (if no change and no feeling of the drops, we can increase aggressively)
Week 3 – We have found the “magic number” that your body needs for the most effective relief and results.
We do this together, at Halo we don’t just sell products and wish you the best…I am here to help build your protocol and to build for success. 

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